Research volunteers shape the future and can have fun while helping others and themselves.

Clinical Trials move medicine forward. Sponsors, such as pharmaceutical companies, governments and foundations fund medical research. Patients who participate in clinical research receive many advantages including treatment at no cost, access to expertise and resources such as expensive tests.


Volunteers Comfort at ARI

We understand that your comfort and experience during your stay at ARI is a top priority while you are receiving our specialized medical care, whether it is for short term or long term. For that reason, we provide private rooms with comfortable recliners and beds for you to rest in between your treatments and procedures performed by our physicians and nurses. You are also provided your own High Definition Television and DVD player should you choose to watch television on your longer visits. Internet access is available in all rooms for your convenience, so feel free to bring in your laptops as well.

We strive to not only provide you with world renowned healthcare and cutting edge medicine to get you back to feeling like you can conquer the world again, but also to provide a setting that is engaging and welcoming to include you as part of our family here at the Advanced Research Institute.

As a premier clinical research facility, we have conducted more than 300 clinical trials over 18 years and have been recognized for proving patients access to cutting edge medical research. If you have a medical issue and want a research solution, or if you are a healthy volunteer, come visit our center and learn more. One of our experts will be happy to evaluate you.

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