About ARI

Advanced Research Institute is a clinical trials research company committed to improving quality of human life through provision of high quality research environment.

By working together with various stakeholders in healthcare including medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, diagnostic laboratories, imaging and surgery facilities, ethical and regulatory bodies and FDA, we answer the hopes of patients for better clinical treatments and devices.


Advanced Research Institute has always been a strong advocate for patient rights and accessible health care for all individuals, and it is that commitment that led to the establishment of the facility.

The Centre conducts clinical research trials with a highly experienced team offering the community a variety of health care options through Early Phase / Phase I through Phase IV trials. Our experienced investigators are among the best in the world and are supported with professional staff, company-wide standards and central management team. It is the skill with which we weave these multiple elements and bind them with a common research purpose that makes the difference between ARI and any other clinical research centre.

ARI Provides Comprehensive Solutions

The ease of working with Advanced Research Institute (ARI) is in our proven ability to simplify the clinical trial process with a matchless business model of centralized study management.

Our physicians have collectively over 30 years of Clinical Research experience, are board certified in their specialty and considered leaders in their respective fields. ARI has the knowledge, experience and a level of efficiency you will not find with any traditional clinical research site.

Centralized Study Administration

We streamline the research process by providing one point of contact and centralize study management with a coordinated staff effort for all aspects of start-up facilitation: regulatory documents, metrics and site payment with one budget, one contract and one point of contact. Our team drives the economies of scale by operating cohesively within our entire network.

Our resourceful and exceptionally well-organized, pro-active study team, drive and provide a supportive environment for successful trial execution. Our commitment and experience provides the tools for us to deliver results as quickly as possible across multiple therapeutic areas, while always enduring the safety of our participants.

Advanced Research Institute Study Coordinators ensure that everything is done precisely per protocol for a complete, safe and successful clinical research project. They make sure the proper collection, processing and documentation of study data and events take place efficiently. In addition, our own meticulous quality control plays a major role in supporting our commitment to deliver the clinical date you need on time, accurately and in a readily usable format.

Our goal is to successfully complete your trial and deliver results on time and on budget. To discover how our network can assist your business, please contact us at (727) 835.3261 or email info@ariclinical.com

PI and Site Personnel GCP Trained

Our success depends on the quality of our people. Each site has a dedicated research staff consisting of highly trained, board certified investigators, study coordinators, patient recruiters and support staff.

Our customer-centric approach allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality services covering all the scientific and operational aspects of clinical research.


Fast & Easy Recruitment & Feasibility Determination

Critical to the success of a clinical trial is the swiftness of the Startup time – delays translate directly into lost revenue. Our efficient management and staff coordination benefits sponsors directly, with rapid site activation saving time and reducing costs. The goal of bringing innovation to market sooner and to enhance lives are best achieved by ARI because our primary mission is recruiting participants faster and providing the highest quality data in the industry, everyday.

Optimal recruitment and retention strategies

ARI is able to rapidly enroll a study with the required demographics. Our patient population ranges from age 18-95 with fifty-six percent male; we currently have a database of over 158,600 active patients. Our staff strives to meet or exceed enrollment goals for all trials. Statistics on screen failure rates will differ depending on therapeutic area, but due to our pre-screening procedures, our retention rates are exceptional.

We recruit our patients primarily through database/chart review, through doctor referrals, marketing media that includes print and social media; radio/television provide us additional support to ensure maximum patient recruitment as well. Several of our Investigators private practices also have electronic data systems tailored for research that is used for enrollment as well.

Prompt Document Turnaround, Centralized Invoicing and Payments

ARI’s regulatory department is in full compliance with FDA, GCP, ICH and IRB guidelines. Our highly trained and efficient staff delivers exceptional levels of service completed with the utmost professionalism and provides sponsors with reliable, quality data.

Investigator Meeting Attendance

Advanced Research Institute’s Investigators / Sub-Investigators are obligated to attend the Investigator Meeting if requested by the Sponsor or CRO and make every effort to attend. Their attendance ensures that protocol issues can be discussed and training can be conducted.

Quality Assurance

All of our Principal Investigators / Sub-Investigators are board certified; staff is compliant with SOPs, HIPPA and research specific requirements. Facilities and equipment are state of the art and meet the requirements of today’s demanding studies.

Our Facility

Advanced Research Institute is comfortably located in a 6,000 square foot Research Center that boasts spacious rooms. The 10-bed Phase I through Phase IV facility has spacious semi-private bedrooms, each equipped with bathroom and shower facilities, cable TV and community access to leisure areas that includes a large activity lounge. Meals are prepared in a fully licensed commercial kitchen by our onsite chef with oversight by a registered dietician on staff. We make every effort to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.
Our facility allows for a variety of Early Phase/Phase I through Phase IV surgical, drug and device trials. Our multi-therapeutic clinical trial site is strategically located in the Tampa Bay area, a community of over 2 million residents. ARI is under 0.6 miles from major medical center with 24 hour police and fire monitoring. Our research center has its own back-up generator and is located in a hurricane safety/flood zone that precludes evacuation in the event of most tropical storm activity. A second hospital with a level 1 trauma center is less than 12 minutes away. ARI is within 2 miles of Good Samaritan Clinic as well as other outreach centers.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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7114 Congress Street, New Port Richey, FL 34653